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Insurance coverage - Protect your investment of time and money. There are many insurance companies that will insure your collector car with comprehensive and collision coverage. However many will tell you that your vehicle will be covered for "actual cash value"  or "book value"(they decide the vehicles value at the time of claim)unless you provide a written appraisal from a accredited appraiser.The markets are changing as are the values of collector vehicles.

Not all companies offer this coverage, however my appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies that do offer this coverage.My appraisal will also be of immense help if your hit by the driver with other insurance or if he has no insurance. Without an appraisal an unqualified person who is unfamiliar with your vehicle may be determining how much you're going to collect at the time of loss. Protect your investment by ensuring that the value of your vehicle is on record.

Important to know: That during your restoration in your garage or at another location your vehicle is not covered under your homeowners policy! You can have an appraisal done while under construction then updated as progress is made during restoration.

The best way to be sure that your vehicle is protected properly is to have a professional appraisal on file with your insurance company and have an endorsement to your policy indicating the type and or amount of coverage your vehicle has.Many insurance companies that provide this coverage for older vehicles require a current appraisal or proof of value every 5 years or the coverage is reduced to book value.

Claim Settlement - If you're arguing with your insurance provider over the value of your vehicle after a loss then I can help through arbitration services. An after loss appraisal can be done although not as easy it will be a big help in you getting the appropriate value for your vehicle.

Estate - An appraisal assures that either in advance or as a condition of your will that your heirs receive the real value of your treasured vehicle. If your trying to settle an estate I can provide impartial valuations to help heirs determine how to divide the estate fairly. Larger estates facing taxes can also protect against over payment of taxes.

Divorce - Yes the "D" word! An impartial appraisal will prevent a court or attorney from determining the value of your vehicle.

Bankruptcy - Deteriorated vehicles have lower value than book values. The courts go strictly by the book and may overvalue your vehicleif it is damaged or not running. The correct adjustment can only be presented to the court with a formal appraisal.

Pre-Purchase - A pre-purchase appraisal can be very helpful when purchasing a specialty ca,truck,motorcycle or boat. The appraisal can be used to asses the fairness of the asking price, validate the vehicles representation in advertising and help secure financing.   A pre-purchase appraisal could protect you against overpaying for a vehicle. It can also make a seller more reasonable in the asking price.When going to an auction as always its buyer beware, a pre-purchase appraisal will help determining the value before the auction.

Market Value - An appraisal can be a tremendous help when selling a collector vehicle. It eliminates a lot of haggling and negotiating because the vehicle's market value has been established. Offering the vehicle for sale at or below the appraised value gives a prospective buyer peace of mind that he is getting a good value. A qualified buyer can use the appraisal to acquire financing for his purchase if so needed.